Call me Albert, a twentysomething who wants to write about finding the best eats and the pure joy that comes from traveling. Call it wanderlust, running away, or jet setting, I always find myself ready to hop on another plane, train, bus, or my legs to get somewhere else to experience the world. As a native Coloradan who loves the smell of the air of the Rockies, I am lucky to be inspired by my parents’ thirst for travel and the outdoors and have continued to do so through these years of post-graduate life. After finishing my engineering undergraduate studies, I sought out a post-graduation trip to South America. Now starting my full-time job in the San Francisco Bay Area, I make the time to travel to continue to see how beautiful the world is.

I began traveling more for work and for leisure, I found myself looking for genuine experiences off the beaten path through language, nature, food, and culture and I want this blog to help record those memories and provide tips and advice to you.  The more I see the world, the more I realize that as humans, we are more alike than we believe. Many paint the world to be a scary or dangerous place, but really, we all seek human connection. Making that personal connection with people across the world brings a humbling feeling to me as I take the time to learn others’ stories and culture. I hope to use this blog as a platform to inspire you to do some wholehearted traveling to find yourself in this beautiful vast world that exists around us.

Where am I this month? San Francisco Bay Area 

Trips Planned? Colorado, Australia, Hawaii

Trips in the Making? Canada, Cuba, Colombia

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