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How to Get Cheaper Southwest Flights

Southwest is one of those airlines in the United States that is trying to revolutionize the way we travel. Checked bags come with your ticket, no assigned seating, great airfare, Southwest has a refreshing change to how we travel in the United States (and now some international destinations). Southwest flights are changing how people are traveling and it is great to consider this airline and ultimately, how to save money.

One important thing to know is that with Southwest, you are able to cancel your ticket and get that amount refunded back as Southwest credit. With that being the case, you are able to change your existing reservation and change it. Now, is it not frustrating if an airline has a sale AFTER you buy your ticket and thinking, “dang, I could have saved dollar bills?!”. With Southwest, you can actually save dollar bills and importantly, the money goes back to YOU.

  1. Log In — use your Southwest Rapid Rewards profile to log in. If you do not have a profile, make one and sign up immediately.

    Front Page of Southwest Website
    Front Page of Southwest Website
  2. Change Your Flight — Under your Upcoming Flights, click the “Change” button on the Southwest flights you are looking to change. You can only do one flight at a time though.

    Click the "Change" Button on the existing reservation
    Click the “Change” Button on the existing reservation
  3. Select New Flight — Based on other criteria you may have, you can change your Southwest flights.
  4. Select Desired Flight — Now you will see the available flights.
  5. Finalize Your New Flight and Confirm — Once you finalize t he flight and confirm, you can see the difference at the bottom. Hopefully the price is lower and now you have the amount credited to your account (dollars are credited, points are refunded) that can be used for future Southwest flights!
    Final Page of the Process
    Final Page of the Process

    Unfortunately, this flight I am taking is not cheaper this time and it is more expensive than when I originally booked it. Tough luck, but better luck next time!

    Remember that Southwest does not automatically refund you the difference if there is a decrease in price. You have to check regularly, but it is well worth it if you find a price dip!