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July Travels

Pardon my disappearance for the month of July! These July travels has kept me real busy. I have some stuff drafted, but recently, life has been chaotic. To recap what happened in the month of July, the following happened.

  • Fourth of July Weekend – Northern Northern California
  • Relatives Visiting San Francisco
  • Denver Wedding

Luckily, July travels are behind, but August seems to be just as busy, if not busier. Here are some future travels to look forward to that I will write about. This month, I got a ticket on sale to Japan, so adding that to the list of the many trips for the year!

  • Seattle Weekend
  • Australian Vacation (G’Day Mate!)
  • Boulder Weekend
  • Japan Vacation

If you have any content that you want to read about or have any tips on, comment below.

Hope you all had a great July and many July travels!

Why I Travel Blog

Now begins the journey of many words and photos into the vast sea of the Internet for me. I want to have my first blog post dig into the motivation behind writing this blog. Travel blog writing is something I hope to use as an outlet and a way to show others the beauty of traveling. I am not one of those bloggers who have made this a full time profession by quitting their day job and traveling non-stop. To those who do, I truly admire them and their lifestyle, but I am not there in my life to drop everything yet. I used FlightDiary as a nifty travel tracker and tracked my travels since May 2014 and realized that there is still so much left to explore in the world! By working full-time, I still squeeze each penny and second out of my free time and budget to get that next trip in. I hope to inspire others that it is very possible to travel, despite all of the obstacles of work and life getting in the way. I hope that this travel blog guides you on many trips in the future!

Up to 2016/3/27
Updated: 2016/3/27

As I hope to expand my audience to other parts of the world, my travels will focus on the United States and come from the perspective of a US citizen traveling. One of the most powerful passports to have is from the United States, but looking at the statistic from U.S. Department of State, approximately 42% of US Citizens hold a passport. Great news is that the percentage of passport holding US citizens has been growing over the years! I would hope that the number would grow, but after talking to some people about why they don’t travel, I have heard the following.

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