Spa Day in Yilan

Perhaps you are looking for something a bit more off the beaten path in Taiwan on your visit to the beautiful island. Sure, you have gotten your big city feel in Taipei, but maybe you want to hit the spa, enjoy the countryside, and slow down for a few days. A perfect weekend getaway from many local Taiwanese people and now increased tourism from Japan and Mainland China has put Yilan on the map for many. I highly recommend taking a short trip to Yilan, a city east of Taipei across the mountains. Don’t forget to bring your swimming trunks and caps!

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Why I Travel Blog

Now begins the journey of many words and photos into the vast sea of the Internet for me. I want to have my first blog post dig into the motivation behind writing this blog. Travel blog writing is something I hope to use as an outlet and a way to show others the beauty of traveling. I am not one of those bloggers who have made this a full time profession by quitting their day job and traveling non-stop. To those who do, I truly admire them and their lifestyle, but I am not there in my life to drop everything yet. I used FlightDiary as a nifty travel tracker and tracked my travels since May 2014 and realized that there is still so much left to explore in the world! By working full-time, I still squeeze each penny and second out of my free time and budget to get that next trip in. I hope to inspire others that it is very possible to travel, despite all of the obstacles of work and life getting in the way. I hope that this travel blog guides you on many trips in the future!

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Updated: 2016/3/27

As I hope to expand my audience to other parts of the world, my travels will focus on the United States and come from the perspective of a US citizen traveling. One of the most powerful passports to have is from the United States, but looking at the statistic from U.S. Department of State, approximately 42% of US Citizens hold a passport. Great news is that the percentage of passport holding US citizens has been growing over the years! I would hope that the number would grow, but after talking to some people about why they don’t travel, I have heard the following.

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